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Inserts - Taking Care of My Business - 6 Months (A5 Size)


Product Description

Taking Care of My Business – A5

Perfect for the small biz owner or creative entrepreneur, these inserts are my personal favorite and the one layout I use every day. I designed them for the girl who always starts with a list when she plans. After trying out many planners over time, I discovered that starting with a master list of tasks for the week was what I loved to do and what came so naturally to me when I planned my time. But no planner out there incorporated planning space for making one big list of tasks. So I designed a planner insert that allowed me to start first with listing my tasks for the week, and allowed for organizing those tasks into categories most common to a creative entrepreneur or small business owner.

How I Use the Weekly Spreads

I begin each Sunday writing out all my tasks on the right side of the spread first. Then I look for a way to “batch” some of those tasks together into one block of time during the week. Say I have 6 emails/calls to make this week. I may plan on one hour on Tuesday to bust those all out. I may have 3 blog posts to compose or three videos to film, I find a place during the week (when my enthusiasm and creative energy is at its highest) and batch all the video filmmaking together, or just do a pair in one day. By being able to see my common tasks or goals together on one master task list first, I can plan my week more intentionally.  Instead of plugging tasks randomly into a week spread like I used to do, I now have a way to see what needs my attention and plan it meaningfully into my week.

Monthly Goals, Wrap Up and All the Things Pages

Goal: Start off each month the right way by setting some intentions for the month. Fill out areas for goals in different areas of your life, plus pick a habit to develop and use the handy habit tracker to check your progress.

Wrap Up: Perfect way to capture some highlights from the month (especially if you like to do memory keeping or journaling). Jot down the challenges and successes of your business, things you need to learn or do better next time. Note achievements, sales numbers or fun events.

All the Things: Use as a place to brainstorm new ideas, get out your thoughts or as a general brain dump.

Product Description

These are for a 6 MONTH supply, so buy 2 if you would like a year supply

A5 size inserts are standard 8.3” x 5.8”and work with ANY A5 size ring bound planner.

Printed on super smooth and luxurious 140 gsm paper

42 double-sided pages per pack (6-month pack size)

Undated (use them any time, just fill in the dates with pen or stickers)

6 hole standard punched for A5 planners like Carpe Diem, Filofax, Kikki-k and Websters.

Includes 4 weekly spreads, 1 monthly spread, 1 brainstorming page, 1 goals sheet, 1 monthly wrap up page.


***Top Priorities is spelled wrong in this document, so this pack comes with a sticker sheet to fix this issue***

Product Reviews

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  1. The Ultimate Monthly Inserts

    Posted by Colette on Sep 10th 2017

    I LOVE how this monthly insert is organized. It checks all the boxes and meets my needs. Thanks Cori for a wonderful design.

  2. Perfect

    Posted by Sharon Pruit on Aug 14th 2017

    These inserts work perfectly in my planner. I can keep up with things I need to get done for the day, week and month.

  3. Most practical inserts I've used

    Posted by Gay Tanaka on Mar 5th 2017

    I've been looking for a useful insert with the week on one page and all my to-dos and categories on the other. These are the best I've found. Even better, the paper is so luxurious! I can use anything like inks, dyes, and stamp!

  4. Business Smart

    Posted by Debbie on Mar 3rd 2017

    I love this packet because it helps me keep my business info in one place. From expenditures to new ideas... I'm grateful to have something like this-

  5. Love these Inserts!

    Posted by Sharon Pruit on Jan 12th 2017

    These pages work better for me than the weekly sheets. I feel they make my planner complete and put the whole week at a glance. I also love how the monthly goals are broken up.

  6. Beautiful Planner Pages...

    Posted by Darlene on Jan 12th 2017

    Beautifully designed, buttery smooth paper - awesome quality. I'm going to love planning and decorating on these gorgeous papers.

  7. Beautiful Planner Pages...

    Posted by Darlene on Jan 12th 2017

    Beautifully designed, buttery smooth paper - awesome quality. I'm going to love planning and decorating on these gorgeous papers.

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